Diptych Walnut 3


Diptych Walnut 3

2 x 50 x 70 cm plus frame

Acrylic and ink on canvas

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In 2010 Transition Town Tilburg asked me to create an interactive exhibition of paintings. With this exhibition an image was sketched about all the themes around food. My first idea was to use ‘My body is my home’ as a guideline. While experimenting I noticed that I was being too literal. There was a bowl of walnuts on the table and I started to explore the walnut. This resulted in the CV of the walnut (Dutch), alias the walnut and in Latin the Juglans regia L.
A series of experimental paintings contained a stylised print of a cross section of the walnut. The prints were made with homemade stamps that automatically became a work of art.

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Afmetingen 112 × 4 × 78 cm