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While I was making this painting I came to the conclusion that literally, without the dark, the light will not come into its own.
That is why dark blue surfaces have been applied on a bright yellowish-white basis. The landscape is quite abstract. In the lower left corner you could see the dark shape as a rock on which a silhouette of a small woman is depicted with her arms spread wide. She is facing a Divine figure who is on the right in the yellow-white space with his arms wide open downwards. The silhouette of the woman is dark and on the edge you can see some lights of the Divine figure that is painted in the light. In the upper right corner there is another vague blue shape. The whole is painted very fluently with offshoots that create shapes in which you can see something yourself… or not. In a dark blue spot at the top of the painting I wrote a text with transparent relief letters. Even if you can see well, you have to make an effort to be able to read it. The text is called Accepting the resistance and it says:

In search of what is already there
Afraid of what’s not there
A blind spot
In battle in search of enlightenment
With eyes closed
Turned inwards
because that’s where the light burns.

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Dimensions 160 × 2.5 × 120 cm

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