120 x 160 cm

Acrylic on 3C canvas

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As a sensitive person, I feel a lot and I often find it difficult to interpret what those feelings mean. 'What should I do with it? Is it mine? Do I feel someone else's energies?

Whatever it is, it is of course the ultimate challenge for me to represent it. That is what I have to do with it!
So I started to draw the sensations I feel in my body with my eyes closed. It's not about making a beautiful drawing or a work of art, because then I'm busy with the visual. Abstract drawings come out, although I often see physical forms or movements in them. Maybe because I want to see that or because I'm used to being busy with that?

The text below came to mind. I grabbed pen and paper, wrote it down and started drawing what I felt in my body.

'It feels like my life is passing me by.
But I am there NOW.
I am always there NOW.
Until I'm not there anymore.
And then maybe I am still there.

It does not matter what I do or who I am with.
In everything I can feel my presence.'

After drawing I opened my eyes and was pleasantly surprised. A 'simple' line drawing that shows a surprising amount. There is a lot in it for me. You can see or feel all kinds of things in it. I set myself the challenge to take the second line drawing as the starting point for a painting, grabbed a canvas of 120 x 160 cm and drew the shape on the canvas with dark brown paint. Intuitively and with policy I chose colors that I applied to the canvas. It is very different from how I am used to work, but it feels good! I feel like I am getting close to the essence, at least my essence.

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