80 x 60 cm

Acrylic and ink on canvas

Optional: frame

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In this painting of 80 x 60 cm there are 7 naked female figures in different poses painted with acrylic paint, over a background of ink stains. The ink stains are transparent brown with an orange undertone. The same orange colour can be seen in the figures.
On the left the woman stands with her back to the side. So you see her from the side. She stretches her arms out of the air. To the right, a woman is sitting on her knees with her face at the level of the first woman’s belly. To the right of it stands the largest woman depicted. She is depicted diagonally from behind. Her left arm is up and bent with the hand on the head. In the middle of the painting there is a small opening. To the right of it, two figures are depicted underneath each other. The lower one is sitting in a tailor’s seat and above that you can see a woman bent over from behind. So you only see legs and in between a piece of the right arm and the forehead. To the right of these two figures a woman is depicted from the front with her head bent and her arms crossed in front of her. The seventh figure is in the upper right corner. She is curved and depicted from the side. Her back is flush with the horizontal direction of the top of the painting and her legs are flush with the side of the painting. The head and breasts are hanging and the hands are at knee level against the legs.
With this openness I represent the vulnerability of mankind. Asking for mercy we are he or in this case she is.

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Dimensions 80 × 2 × 60 cm

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