Stations of the cross


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The main themes behind the 14 tripartite stories:

  1. From resistance to acceptance
  2. Betrayal and denial of the good
  3. Glorification at the expense of others
  4. Denial for fear of the consequences
  5. Ego and altruism in conflict
  6. Sacrifice for Healing
  7. Bearing responsibility
  8. Suppression
  9. Dedication to the whole
  10. Trust, because we don’t know what’s in store for us.
  11. Surrender to intuition and faith
  12. Gratitude
  13. A new beginning thanks to forgiveness
  14. The eternal light, untouchable in infinite love

Because I think that everything we do and experience can be categorized in these themes, I was able to categorize my art as well. I introduce each theme with an introduction for each station and how I have depicted this story.

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Afmetingen 160 × 2.5 × 120 cm