In search of freedom

Getting in touch with myself by being in contact with others

Still contactimpro dance video

The individual and merging as part of Divine unity.
Suddenly I woke up one morning with the convincing thought: ‘I have to do this!
Get physically in touch by moving with two dancers: naked, vulnerable, in trust, researching our connection’.
No idea where it would go, but I organized it. After a while of probing, we went together for 1.5 hours. There were moments when three people were one, moments when we made contact at the same vibrational frequency; spiritual, energetic and physical.
The dance was filmed and looking back I see typical things of myself in my movements. I see a kind of attraction and repulsion. I’m looking for contact, but also turn my back on them. My movements, approach and posture show a kind of rudeness and awkwardness. I dare, I try, I investigate and I play. We were in contact.

The video images are the starting point for the drawings and paintings I’m making. A selection of my work is on view September 9 through September 12, 2021 at City Gallery Breda.