Hardcover and audiobook ‘Je zintuigen als inspiratie’


Hardcover and audiobook by Jofke®.
Illustrations by Maarten van der Beemt.
Voices: Frans van der Meer and Jeanne van Midde
Published by Studio Xplo.

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In this book Your senses as an inspiration, Jofke's thinking is complemented by photographs, tips, challenging assignments, colorful illustrations and examples of 20 artists and creative entrepreneurs who work with the senses in original ways. Practice has shown that working according to Jofke's method brings more quality of life. Another nice side effect is that people who start working with the book become more creative in seeing new possibilities. Think art education is not for you? This book proves otherwise. This book is written in Dutch.

More information: https://www.studioxplo.nl/je-zintuigen-als-inspiratie-boek/


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Afmetingen 15 × 15 × 0.2 cm