Prana Chi Rho is a symbol for Christ. According to me, Jesus symbolizes the love we carry ins us. A new meaning was added to this when I made a discovery; Chi Rho literally means ‘density of breath of life’.Through our breath of life -also called chi or...
Our dear lady in need

Our dear lady in need

Our dear lady in need Making each illustration was like a prayer The Guild Onze Lieve Vrouw ter Nood in Tilburg asked me to make 35 illustrations for a booklet that would be published in 2020 because Tilburg was liberated 75 years ago. My illustrations of the war...
To the core

To the core can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Zand ( To the core The origin of sand determines the composition.The road that sand has travelled gives it its external characteristics.I see sand as a...

Taktila™ can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Taktila. colors you can feel ( Semiotics is concerned with the teaching of signs, a way in which we shape and communicate our reality. Taktila™ is a palpable...


See(?) Corrie has been blind almost all her life. She has no visual memory. Images are just as hard for her to imagine, as it is for visionaries to imagine what it is like never to have seen. That is not possible!Corrie looked at my sculptures with her hands, without...

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