Commissioned art

Would you like to have a drawing or painting made or do you have a different idea for a different work of art?
Then I would like to use my talent and skills to create a personal work of art for you.
Whether it’s a portrait, an abstract or figurative work. A work of art tells a personal story and that could be your story!

I don’t stop until they are 100% satisfied. If you wish, you can receive intermediate stages (via email), so you can indicate whether the developments are proceeding as expected.


On this page you will find a guideline for the prices.
If desired, a lease agreement can be concluded.


A (portrait) drawing of €195.00 can be paid in half a year for €34.45 per month.
If you pay off a painting of €840,00 monthly with €50,00, the work will be paid off in 17 months.

Lease agreement rules

There is no interest charged on installment purchases.
The first payment is made in the week in which the work is handed over, after which the agreed monthly amount is automatically transferred. There is no postponement of payment possible.
For consultation in advance (on location) Jofke asks for a reimbursement of expenses.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your wishes.

Price guideline

Drawing (with pencil, charcoal, ink)

from €195.00.

Painting on canvas

20 x 30 cm: from €300,00
30 x 40 cm: from €420,00
40 x 60 cm: from €600,00
50 x 70 cm: from €720,00
60 x 80 cm: from €840,00
100 x 100 cm: from €1,200.00
100 x 120 cm: from €1,320.00
120 x 160 cm: from €1,680.00
Larger or different: on request
3d’-cloth: on request
Spatial work: on request

These prices do not include list, VAT and shipping costs.
The work can be framed in consultation.


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