Corrie has been blind almost all her life. She has no visual memory. Images are just as hard for her to imagine, as it is for visionaries to imagine what it is like never to have seen. That is not possible!
Corrie looked at my sculptures with her hands, without having received any information about the work beforehand. While probing, she told me what she ‘sees’.
Her perception and that of other blind and visually impaired people invited me to establish the project See You(?). Together we worked towards exhibitions inspired by their way of perceiving, mostly by touch. These multidisciplinary exhibitions are very inspiring to sighted blind people. The See(?)-project is an attempt to gain more insight into each other’s world of experience. Click here for an inspiring Dutch text by Corrie.

See(?) is translated Zie je wel(?) in Dutch. With this website I offer experiencing multi-sensory art perception.