In search of freedom

Getting in touch with ourselves by being in contact with each other

The individual and merging as part of Divine unity.
We communicate not only with words, but also with body language. Out of my need to explore themes of contact, freedom and vulnerability, I asked two dancers to collaborate on a project on May 5, 2019. To reinforce the message, I chose to engage in a dance improvisation with them naked and have it filmed. Inquisitively, we sought out each other and ourselves … there were moments when three individuals merged into one.
Stills from the videos gave rise to many works of art; from small pen drawings to large canvases that I have since created. Gradually I came to the need to give form to what I felt in my inner world and that’s where the work became abstract. In contact with myself, I made the palpable visible.

A moving composition of sculptural poses, searching for contact with the other and with ourselves.