To the core

‘Sand began as a layer of stone and became a boulder, a pebble and finally a grain. It takes time, but in the end you get to the heart of the matter. If sand is so small that it becomes clay, it will become stone again under pressure,’ Conrad de Heer.

The origin of sand determines the composition.
The road that sand has travelled gives it its external characteristics.
I see sand as a metaphor for the individual.
My fascination is that this matter in its core is unchangeable and yet can have very different external qualities.
If we roam through a large mountain of sand we arrive at the core of that one grain.

Organic origin
In layering and depth.
Under the influence of light
changeable in color and shape.


The sound of sloshing waves around me swallows me up.
Terrifying because of its infinity.
But I can be reassured with this infinite evidence of this source of life.
As long as there is air, light, water and a breeding ground,
there’s life.
The sound makes me realize that I don’t have to be afraid of an end.
Yet it oppresses me and I leave the sound

Video impressions exhibition To the core in collaboration with Annet Vermeulen