Semiotics is concerned with the teaching of signs, a way in which we shape and communicate our reality. Taktila™ is a palpable colour system that I developed during my painting lessons to people with a visual impairment. This system is the basis for an extensive method with which we can explain all visual concepts by touch.
By working with the Taktila method™, sighted people gain more understanding in the non-visual world of experience and blind people gain more insight and feeling in our visual world.
On this page I will show a number of works of art to which I have applied Taktila™. For more information about the possibilities with Taktila™, please visit, where you find more Taktila replica’s of familiar paintings.

Blind artists also use Taktila™ to transform their experiences into tangible visual images. In the context of the Zie je wel(?)-project I regularly organize exhibitions to share their special stories with the world.

Taktila™ at the Van Abbe Museum

Meer Taktila