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During my quest as an artist and philosophical human, I discovered that a lot of the themes I am concerned with are symbolized in the story of the Stations of the Cross. Not the traditional translation, but the biblical version. In my opinion everything we do and experience can be brought under the themes of the 14 Stations of the Cross. When we become aware of our actions, then we come to insight and every now and then we can find enlightenment. I would like to take you with me through my visual translation of this story.

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Passiflora, symbol of the Passion of Christ

The different parts of the passiflora have their own meaning. The first layer consists of five petals and five sepals. The Vatican calls them the ten petals and sepals. The additional red spotted crown placed above refers to the bloody crown of thorns that Jesus wore on his way to Calvary; on his way to his crucifixion. The five stamens symbolize the stigmata, the wounds in hands, feet and silk that Jesus inflicted when nailing to the cross. The three stamens represent the nails that were struck by his hands and joined feet. The fruit is seen as the sponge dipped in vinegar, with which Jesus was given to drink, and the tendrils symbolise the scourges with which he was struck.

The three stamps symbolize the nails of the cross, the three-coloured wreath around the pollination organ symbolizes the crown of thorns and the stalked fruit principle is the symbol of the Lord’s chalice.

Slideshow, sculpture Akasha

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