Comments on video connect by Jofke

  • Vulnerable, inquisitive, sometimes uncomfortable, then again harmony and finding each other.
    The beginning of a dance to be directed, the beginning of meeting in softness. Thank you for sharing,’ N. Verhoof


  • ‘It gave me the creeps of laughter and a kind of shame. I didn’t finish it. But marveled at my own feelings what made me feel uncomfortable. It surprised me. I thought I was okay with it, with being naked. But the idea of doing this, no. It’s a cool project, though. It makes you think,’ N. v/d Linden


  • It makes me realize that my limits to exposing myself are very different from those of the artists. I hope you also laughed at the fact that in this experiment you roll over each other like I used to do when I used to frolic with my friends (well dressed then). ‘Other than that, I found it a fascinating spectacle,’ Sebastian G.


  • ‘Very beautiful and brave. Dance means a lot to me and is really something I can express my feelings in. I have a great quest and adventure ahead of me. And this inspires me greatly. Thank you!’ Cherylia


  • Watching the film gave me a great need for physical contact, but at the same time it also felt suffocating,’ ML


  • ”Hi Jofke, difficult to explain this in words. Words like respect, acceptance and self-love come to mind. I myself would probably never be able to do this. I think because of my culture and lifestyle I have never been so concerned with myself. Looking at myself in the mirror without a shirt on, I find that hard enough sometimes. Let alone processing it into art. Wonderful to see this and enormous respect! I am curious about your future projects!


  • 3 people moving as one.
    A beautiful movie. At the beginning I experience something of despair, the search for each other, then the finding, the never letting go, staying together. Beautiful people who found each other. It was very beautiful, confronting, emotional. You have put your heart and soul into it Jofke,’ M. van Dongen


  • Trust in each other
    Not hindered by clothing
    So basic
    Beautiful movement,’ Toon


  • ‘The film shows a very bad vulnerability, but also shows that we should not be afraid to be ourselves. It also gives me a sense of sadness. Even if you are yourself, people will always judge.’


  • ‘A source of inspiration!
    Impressive and vulnerable.
    Thank you Jofke’


  • Brave to expose your outside. Harder still to show your inside,’ Bernard
    Also to watch!’


  • ‘I could see the vulnerability in it. Very cool that you dare to be so open! I’ve never seen anything like it before and that made me feel inspired.’
    And beautiful!
    Thank you!


  • Naked with abandon – without shame – is a developing process. Your themes of vulnerability, trust, contact require full acceptance of this. The nakedness this time is the body. But it can just as easily be your heart, your mind, your most inner sensation.
    It is not about that body, but it is very interesting to feel what is going on in me: seeing, not wanting to see. Curious, averse. Wanting to explore and falling silent. A breath -in and holding. So it is something that evokes tension and restlessness. The easy way is to move away from it, but I stay, I move. Get up and write. And look. Greetings, Fannie’


  • ‘I didn’t finish the film. Just a little bit. Uncomfortable and brave came to mind.’


  • ‘Breathtaking transitions
    Stillness I know like the paintings
    Wonderful interplay
    And then searching again
    Finding again
    To regain
    and on
    like the snails in my garden
    the house snails that waddle
    in by with each other
    Nothing gets in the way
    in surrender
    gift -to- surrender
    ‘Love,’ Rianne


  • ‘Very interesting to see a film in almost only visual format that was not made directly with watching only in mind. Also, it is very brave to dare to show yourself like this.’


  • ‘You are Jofke
    With guts and boldness
    To be shown as an inspiration
    Beautiful execution
    On the skin
    On each other
    Large and small movements
    Depicting trust’ Ariën


  • The dancer
    Dance as long as you can dance.
    You may essentially be anything,
    but being a dancer also hurts sometimes.
    This is because you go into the deepest part of your being.
    Sometimes that feels bad.
    Sometimes that feels nice.
    But remember
    that you can’t give yourself completely yet,
    because it is still far too early.
    Only when one day the final curtain falls before your eyes, will you know for sure.
    You did not dance too little, nor too much.
    But just enough,’ Bastiaan J. Hindriks


  • ‘While watching, I notice the difference between feeling – experiencing (what the people in the film are experiencing) and thinking how a certain touch feels.
    Sometimes I felt the touch too. If I were here longer, I would check which touch I feel myself, which I do not. Does that mean something?’ F.